Erin K Drew


Erin K Drew is an artist, writer, performer, curator, designer and event-smith. The "Loud-eyed" lefty was GPC's first exhibiting artist in 2013 with the interior mural show "Ruiner" that combined foods with NIN lyrics that deftly tap-danced on body horror. Her programming at GPC includes The Cartoon Research Lab, Power Trip, the Difficult Women event series with puff-painted economic support merchandise, the Public Crying Tour, as well as hosting countless other artists and performers, and organizing an art space trade with The Learning Machine in Chicago. You find her in the concept shop as Draft Snakes, Gun Nuts, bite-worthy outwear and greeting cards, as well as stocking new titles from Monster House Press and other fascinating artists and writers. EKD's objects and events come wrapped in a delightful sense-snack layer, and carry the long-lasting core of a formidable wit and fascination with the legacy of art and context.